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Avega means passion, and that is what our work is all about. At Avega we use all our imagination to transform you business ideas in success stories. We carefully create & deliver the finest of designs in a way you would have always imagined.

We create websites which are maintenance free, we develop e-commerce / online shops which do not require you to pay monthly maintenance or need a staff who is expert in computers, we design landing pages to maximize your ROI and personal branding websites for individuals / professionals.

We started Avega with an intention to simplify the requirements of IT. In 2012 when we both partners started working we saw that client dependency on their IT provider for any small or big change is huge and cost incurring. We started Avega with an intention to make clients independent of vendors dependency.

The base of our organisation is, each and every service we provide is a complete handover to the client. We research, integrate and use only that technology which our clients too can understand and use without our involvement.

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